Squad swimming classes in Gladstone


Swimming Squad Classes

At Terri’s Swim School, we want to open up opportunities for swimmers of all skill levels, including advanced swimmers. Our squad swim classes are intended to help students of all ages sharpen their competitive swimming skills. This is not a class for beginners, but it’s open to all age groups with the appropriate skill level.

What We Teach

At this higher level of classes, training is more rigorous, and the class participants are more competitive. Since many of the basic and advanced skills are comfortable for these students, we focus more on these areas:
  • Aerobic endurance & fitness
  • Racing skills, all techniques
  • Dry land sessions
  • Turns
  • Starts
  • Finishes
  • Mastering stroke techniques
Squad classes are 1 hour long: $16 per class.
Squad Class — Swim School in Barney Point, QLD

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know it’s time for my child to move up?
If your child is interested in moving to a more competitive class, or if you think they’re ready for it, talk to your swimming coach. A base skill level is required to join the squad classes. If the swim coach believes your child is ready to move up, they’re welcome to join the squad classes.
Who assesses a child’s swimming progress?
How can I keep track of my child’s swimming progress?