Kids swim classes in Gladstone


Kids Swimming Classes

Once your child is two years or older, they can join an official swimming class. Parents should accompany children at this stage, though they may not have to be in the pool with them at all times, depending on the child’s age.

What We Teach

Our swim instructors will focus on the swimming basics in these classes. The goal is to build foundational skills that will help a new swimmer be confident and capable in the water.
Kid on a Pool Noodle — Swim School in Barney Point, QLD
Learning to Dive — Swim School in Barney Point, QLD

To this end, our main priorities in this class level include:

  • Holding & controlling breath
  • Efficient kicking
  • Body position in the water
  • Basic efficient swimming techniques
  • Safety around the water
  • Confidence/comfort
Basic swimming skills classes are also open to adults of all ages. Kids swim classes are 30 minutes: $16 per class.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take for my child to learn to swim?
With a skill like swimming, there’s no identifiable moment in which someone can be said to know how to swim. We base our evaluations off of giving your child a set of necessary swimming skills they can build on, rather than focusing on just getting them to the point of being able to swim. Children all learn and progress at different rates, so it may take your child longer or shorter than others to get comfortable in the water.
Does my child need any swimming gear?
For how long can my child take swim lessons?