Function hire in Gladstone


Great for Every Event

Terri’s Swim School has a wonderful pool and socialisation area. We open this area up to people from all around Gladstone to host functions and events on our premises.

Functions by the Poolside

We can host functions of all kinds at our facilities. From work events to family functions or friendly get-togethers, we’ll help you do it all. Whatever the occasion is, our space and facilities are available for hire. Come and see the place before you make a decision. We’d love to host your next event and help you experience relaxation, comfort and fun.
Pool Side — Swim School in Barney Point, QLD

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a pool appropriate for a work function?
It depends on the type of function you’re hosting. Not all professional functions can work well by the poolside, but many casual work events are perfectly suited for a pool environment. You and your co-workers can bring your families together for a time of socialising and enjoying a hot day in the water.
Can you do a pool function any time of the year?
Do you need to know how to swim to host a pool function?