Baby swim classes in Gladstone


Baby Swim Classes

Water skills, familiarity and basic swimming knowledge are essential for all age groups. We believe that babies can benefit significantly from early introduction into the water.

What We Teach

Baby classes start from 6 weeks – 4 months for bonding and familiarity classes and 4 months – 2 years for introductory water classes. All baby classes require a parent in the water with the baby.

Our focus is to get your child fully comfortable in the water, giving them a head start with swimming skills that will benefit them later on. The goal will be to help your baby be comfortable getting fully immersed under the water, holding their breath on command, and moving around in the water.
Right Holding of Infant in the Pool — Swim School in Barney Point, QLD
Baby in the Pool — Swim School in Barney Point, QLD

Babies are not able to swim on their own at this stage.

But the skills we teach will carry through to the next skill levels and will help build your baby’s physical strength. They will become more confident and safer in the water, and you’ll learn how to continue encouraging your baby in their development. Baby swim classes are 30 minutes long, $16 per class. Bonding classes for 6 weeks – 4 months are free for 20 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it dangerous to start swimming lessons with an infant?
No. In fact, swimming classes can actually help an infant. Familiarity with the water, rudimentary swimming skills, and basic breath-holding can make infants and babies safer around the water.
What is the recommended age to start swimming lessons for babies? Why?
Is swimming good for babies?