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Swimming at Every Level

Swimming is an integral part of our culture. Introduce your family to the love of swimming early and allow them to blossom into the best swimmers they can be!

At Terri’s Swim School, we embrace the love of water for people of all ages. Our swimming and water familiarity classes start at three months, with classes for children and adults of all skill levels available. We offer everything from advanced squad swimming classes to aquatic fitness exercises.

Learning to swim is as much about safety as it is about enjoyment.

Children will be safer around water when they learn to appreciate and respect it, and when they become more comfortable being in the water. As they grow, they’ll be able to spend days in the pool or at the beach to get the most out of their skills, experiencing the freedom of moving through the water.
Beat the Heat — Swim School in Barney Point, QLD

Start their journey off on the right foot.

We’ll help you figure out which class your child best fits, so they can progress at their own pace and learn to love spending time in the pool.
Baby Swimmer
We offer baby swim classes for children starting at 3 months, with a parent in the water. It’s never too early to start teaching your baby to love and respect the water.
Swimming Goggles
Children 2-years-old and above can receive swimming lessons in classes appropriate to their skill level. No prior knowledge or water skills required!
Swimming Goggles
Improve your fitness while lowering your risk for injuries. Aquatic fitness is a perfect solution for low-impact fitness with great results.